Satoshi App : Mine free $OEX token (OEX price prediction)

Sunil Bishnoi
3 min readFeb 2, 2024

Hello cryptocurrency enthusiasts, there’s another promising mining campaign on the Satoshi app waiting for us — the token mining event of OEX on the OpenEX exchange. OpenEX is a significant partner of the OKX exchange. OKX is a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform, known for its credibility and reputation as a leading global exchange.

1)Key Features of Satoshi Wallet App:

⭐Legitimacy and Community Interaction:

The Satoshi Wallet stands out as the leading authentic crypto airdrop platform, emphasizing active involvement from the community. With a track record of providing instant rewards, it consistently draws in notable projects, including the highly successful CORE mining bounty.

⭐CORE Mining Bounty Success:

Satoshi app hosted the legendary CORE mining bounty, turning several miners into millionaires.

The CORE token, with a total supply of 2.1 billion, remains an ongoing giveaway on the Satoshi app, providing users with lucrative opportunities.

2) OpenEX Airdrop on Satoshi App:

⭐OpenEX, an emerging trading platform, is currently airdropping its native token $OEX on the Satoshi app.

⭐The OpenEX protocol combines the features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges, offering high liquidity and transparency through L2 acceleration technology.

⭐The OpenEX team plans to allocate ten percent of the $OEX token through the ongoing airdrop process on the Satoshi app.
⭐This airdrop mining bounty is completely free for registered Satoshi app users, presenting a unique opportunity for over 10 million active participants in more than 100 nations.

Steps to Register and Participate in OpenEX Airdrop:

⭐Download the Satoshi app from the Play Store or Apple Store.

⭐Complete the login process and undergo face verification for enhanced security.

⭐Claim your newbie bonus

⭐Navigate to the “Projects” section and select OpenEX. Click on “Participate” to express your interest.

⭐Access the “Airdrop” section, patiently awaiting the next mining round to engage in the OpenEX mining process and claim $OEX tokens hourly.

How to use free giftcard to double mining power :

  • Navigate to the “giftcard”section and input anycode : 4rw3htj, 4rybx3n, 4s2mbbn, 4s4vqkr, 4s764ut, 4s9eh4w, 4sbpwcx, 4sdyan2, 4sg8pw4, 4sjh467.

This token might be the next new gem. So download the Satoshi app today and stay your free mining now.



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