Embarking on My Crypto Trading Journey: Starting with Zero Investment

Sunil Bishnoi
3 min readAug 31, 2023

Hello there, fellow adventurers in the world of cryptocurrency! This is my first post on Medium about my crypto journey. Today, I want to share my journey of diving into crypto trading without spending a single penny from my hard-earned money. Yes, you read that right — no initial investment required! So, grab your virtual backpacks as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Educate Yourself

Before leaping into the world of crypto, I took the time to educate myself. I scoured the internet for beginner-friendly resources, watched explanatory videos, and read articles to understand the basics. Cryptocurrency can seem like a maze, but taking it step by step made it much easier to grasp.

Choose the Right Exchange

Finding the right platform is crucial. I opted for exchanges that offer demo accounts, allowing me to practice trading without using real money. This gave me a risk-free playground to learn the ropes and build confidence.

Virtual Trading

With my demo account set up, I started virtual trading. I simulated buying and selling different cryptocurrencies, experimenting with strategies and observing market trends. It felt like a game, but I was gaining valuable experience.

Follow the Experts

I joined online communities and followed seasoned traders on social media. Their insights and experiences were invaluable. Learning from their successes and mistakes helped me fine-tune my strategies.

Keep Emotions in Check

Crypto markets can be volatile, and emotions can cloud judgment. I reminded myself to stay patient and make decisions based on logic, not impulses. It’s a lesson that served me well throughout my journey.

Monitor and Learn

As I continued virtual trading, I closely monitored how my decisions played out. Some were wins, some were losses, but each one was a lesson. Learning from my virtual experiences was preparing me for the real deal.

Start Small with Airdrops and Faucets

Now, here comes the intriguing part. I started participating in airdrops and faucet programs. These are initiatives where you can earn small amounts of cryptocurrency for free. While they might not make you rich overnight, they’re an excellent way to dip your toes into the crypto waters without spending a dime.

Exciting Upcoming Posts

In my upcoming posts, I’ll delve deeper into specific strategies I’ve learned, share insights from experts in the crypto community, and explore more ways to navigate the crypto landscape without a significant upfront investment. Stay tuned for step-by-step guides, tips for identifying promising projects, and stories of my personal triumphs and lessons.


And that, my friends, is how I embarked on my crypto trading journey without touching my hard-earned money. It’s been an exciting adventure filled with learning, experimenting, and, of course, some free crypto sprinkled along the way. Remember, you don’t need a fortune to begin — just a curious mind and a willingness to learn. Happy trading, and may your crypto journey be as thrilling as mine! 🚀🌙



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